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Yep I had that noise under the hood as well. I'll start from the begining as to maybe help someone who has experienced the same thing I have. I had the " terrible triad" of lights, ABS, Brake and 4X4, on once or twice a year for the last 2 years. Always in winter and always on snow. Turn the car off and presto, lights off no worries. Anyways, this last month my car started hesitating going up a small incline, kinda felt like the engine was missing, then the terrible triad of lights would appear. Once the lights came on, I experienced no more hesitating from the engine. I would pull over, turn the car off and I started hearing that clicking sound. Restart the car, lights off, all good until I started to drive off. I would feel a little shimmy, very slight miss frim the back of my car, yep sure enough, terrible triad of lights would come back on. I did everything listed to try and fix the issue, battery reset, clean the wheel sensors, steering sensor ect. Finally, I had a neighbor come over with his scan tool and he discovered I was throwing the code: 5F3A - transfer case malfunction. Son of a...... I started doing a lot of research on this code and discovered that is was the transfer case actuator motor. An $800 dollar part and would require 4 hours labor, for a total of $1,200.00. Not bad considering I was bracing myself for a new transfer case or gear box. Got the car fixed, drives like a dream again. Hope that helps. I now have 110,000 miles on this beauty and this has been the only "fix" I have ever had to do. Love this car!!!
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