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Originally Posted by Swat17 View Post
When I bought the car it had a very rough idle and it woud stall.
So I did some research on the forum and found it to be the ICV. So I replaced it and my stalls went away.but my car still idles rough, but doesn't stall atleast. I checked the codes and it said cylinder one two and three misfiring with fuel cutoff, o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 bad ckt. So far I've replaced my vanos seals,intake and exhaust cps, bank1 o2 sensor.I've cleaned my disa valve and replaced my head gasket. I replaced all 6 sparkplus to nkg platinum. And I tested my coils and they all work. I need help big time. I don't know what I should do next.
Try looking further upstream like the MAF. Take it off and clean it and then reinstall making sure all connections are good. Also, as mentioned in a previous post, check all of your vacuum hoses well. This is what will cause your car to run lean at first and then the ECU will cause the engine to run rich as a result in the closed loop operation lean signal feedback. It would not hurt to run a good quality fuel system cleaner for the injectors.

If you have a rich condition as a result of a dirty MAF or unmetered air, then it will easily gunk up the ICV with carbon and make it stick as well as cause poor detonation. Rarely does the ICV go bad - just a good cleaning will allow the valve to move freely. That said, the rich condition gets to your exhaust and goes unburned laying a nice coat of soot on your O2 sensors and on to your cats - not good.

Also, do a hard reset by disconnecting your battery terminals and connecting the with a bridge for 10 minutes.
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