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New DISA valve installed.

Ok, I installed the new DISA valve and cleared my codes, and I am a happy camper. Right away, the idle was alot smoother and not as high. Throttle response is much better as well as the low end torque. Gone is the sluggishness of the car. Took it to the freeway ramp on manual mode and shifted near redline.. I can feel the "kick" of the DISA opening up around 4500-5000 RPM. And for some reason my shifting is alot smoother. So far no codes have come back.

The install took me less then 10 minutes. You just need two tools (flat head screwdriver and T40 torx head):

Unplug MAF connector:

The bottom screw that holds the DISA needs to be removed. No need to remove airbox (I hate removing that thing), just remove the MAF and the hose attached to it. Once you do that it is easy to remove the bottom T40 torx screw. Don't drop it! otherwise this 10 minute job becomes 30 minutes.

Remove the DISA electrical connector. There is a metal pin behind the connector that you need to push in before pulling out the wire.

Now remove the top T40 Torx screw:

Remove the old DISA valve GENTLY! If your pieces are loose, it may drop into the careful.

Pic of old DISA and new one. Looks the same but the part #s are different.

Before installing the new DISA, clean the opening really well so that the seal will be nice and tight.

Install the new DISA slowly..Be careful not to get the new o-ring dirty or scraped.

That's it. reconnect the DISA electrical connector. Tighten the two T40 torx screws. Replace the MAF and related hoses. Clear your codes and test drive the car.
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