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Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
BMW recommends everything Castrol.
Yeah. I know. We did a study on the BMW:Castrol marketing relationship a while back (it's been beaten to death quite a few times).

I also covered it in this DIY (even the fact Castrol doesn't meet BMW requirements - which also has been beaten to death).
- Step-by-step DIY for a 2002 E39 (BMW 525i) vacuum extraction oil change

- Otherwise, historically, at least in the United States, the main reliable measure of quality has been the American Petroleum Institute (API) "Service" rating (buy API SL for older BMWs or API SM or better for newer BMWs) printed on every can of oil sold in the US. This more readily available API quality designation is chronological, i.e., SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SI, SJ, SK, SL, & SM. Over time, this API quality designation moved higher and higher in the alphabet as more and more problems are specified and overcome by the petroleum engineers (note SA is unspecified, and note each specification exceeds the prior specification).
- Note that anyone who says "use Castrol" or "get Mobil1", without suggesting the BMW or ACEA or API quality rating, isn't providing enough information to make the right quality decision for you; brand and price and label hype are meaningless for this purpose (for example, even some BMW-branded oils don't meet BMW specifications for M cars).
Point is, there is more information on what oil to use for the E39 than almost any other topic on the planet.

The OP asked a question that, well, depending on your mood, says more about the decision-making ability of the OP than about the problem at hand. If they only searched, they'd find out all that they needed to know - and - most importantly - if they just thought about it a bit - they'd have more than enough information to make a good decision.

I just had trouble giving a serious answer to the question. Maybe I'll start over and try to give a serious answer. That might calm me down a bit!

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